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I like your ice cream but will not eat it again until your put a safety seal around.The lids of your ice cream.i work at a store that has your ice cream.

I seen the guy that brought you ice cream in the store and one of the lids had came off the ice cream. I watched him put the lid back on the ice cream. That was just nasty. I said something to him about what i just seen.

He had said the lids come off alot they just put them back.also a customer had told me he had got edys ice cream it had dug in finger marks in it. So until i see safety seals in your ice cream i will not eat it.

Also will tell other people on that note i dont understand why you dont have safety seals around your ice cream that is so unsafe and unsanitary.Please think about your customers safety.

Review about: Edys Ice Cream.

Reason of review: No seals around the lids.


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I bought a carton at target

And saw no seal

And I'm returning it tomorrow

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1278146

I will not buy Edy's ice cream because the container is paper and attempting to scoop out the contents into a bowl with an ice cream scoop when it is frozen can be difficult and results in tearing and breakage of the container.A real cheap way of packaging.

As I recall, yes there is no plastic seal around the top lid. Just buy a different brand. By the way, be careful of all "ice cream" you find in stores.

Many are not ice cream but artificial "ice desserts" or such.If the container doesn't say "ice cream" then it isn't real.

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